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jKiskas Release Process Description


This small page describes the single steps, which have to be done to make a release of jKiska out of the current release branch JB_RELB_0_2.

The Release Steps

  1. Ensure that you have a local CVS checkout with no local changes.

  2. Now you have to build and to run the unit tests by calling ant develUnitTests. If one of these tests fails, the release process must stop.

  3. Edit etc/VERSION and set the field STATE to Release. Choose an release name and assign it to the NAME field . Commit these changes.

  4. Set the CVS tag for this release.

  5. Execute now the following command: perl etc/VERSION.

  6. Write the release announcement. You will use it later when you announce the new release.

  7. Build the distribution by calling ant deploy.

  8. Upload the distribution files to upload.sourceforge.net.

  9. Edit etc/VERSION again and set STATE to Beta and adapt the fields MAJOR, MINOR, and PATCH as needed. Commit these changes to.

  10. Add the new CVS tag to the makefile infrastructure of the website and regenerate the homepage.

  11. Send the announcement to the announcement mailling list.

  12. Update the freshmeat.net entry.