Package org.xshare.base.iterator

Set of specialized Iterator implementations.


Class Summary
ArrayIterator Iterator, which wraps a given array to use it in the same way as a Iterator.
CountingIterator Wraps a given iterator and counts the via returned elements.
EnumerationIterator The EnumerationIterator wrapps a given Enumeration and adapts it to the Iterator interface.
FilterIterator Filters the elements of another iteration based on a UnaryPredicate wrapping an given iterator and applying a UnaryPredicate to each element.
GlueingIterator This iterator allows to concatenate two or more iterators and to handle them like a single one
LimitedIterator Specialized iterator wrapper to limit the elements returned by another iteration.
ListReverseIterator Iterator for returning the elemenets of a List in reverse order.
OneElementIterator Specialized Iterator implementation which wraps a single object with an Iterator, which can return only the given object and this only ones.
RangeIterator Specialized Iterator implementation - based on UnaryPredicates - to limit the returned elements of another Iterator pointing to a sorted list of elements.
ReverseIterator Iterator which returns the elements of a given iterator in reverse order.
SkipNullIterator Iterator which skips all null values of a given iteration.
SortingIterator Sorts the elements of a given Collection or Iterator according to a users specification.
TransformatorIterator Iterator with the ability to transform the elements of a given iteration according to the users specification before returning them.

Package org.xshare.base.iterator Description

Set of specialized Iterator implementations. The userguide contains a small introduction with examples for the majority of this iterators.

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