4. Other Resources

Beside this manual, there are some other resources available for those who are interested in jKiska.

4.1. The Project Homepage

You can find the project homepage under http://jkiska.sourceforge.net. Every service jKiska is using and offering is hosted at SourceForge. There you will find some usefull links, the current documentation, project news etc.

4.2. Mailinglists

At the moment, there are three maillinglists hosted at SourceForge.

  1. The jkiska-announcement is for those who would like to get all the announcements about releases etc directly.
  2. The jkiska-devel list is for people who are interested in the development of jKiska.
  3. The jkiska-user list is for people who use jKiska in their own projects.

To join one of those mailinglists you can go to https://sourceforge.net/mail/?group_id=54806 and subscribe via a webbased formular.