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Small Classes To Make Java Programming More Handy

You need a specialized Iterator implementation? You were always interested in using Predicates to express conditions? There are some small helper classes missing in your opinion? Welcome to jKiska!

May you want to check the user guide and the API documentation to see, what jKiska offers.

Current State And News

[06-Oct-2004] The development of jKiska has been stopped. There are two reasons for this decision:

  1. The Apache Jakarta Project offers the same functionality and has an better support and a wider user base. This is the prime reason.

  2. At work I am currently not using Java.

[09-Jun-2003] Version 0.2.1 Esche has been released. This version contains only fixes to the documentation.

[09-Feb-2003] Currently I am working on version 0.30. This version will have some new features as tools for commandline parsing, additional collections and predicates. I am working also on fixing typos and similar things in the user guide.

[19-Nov-2002] Version 0.20 is out and can be downloaded from SourceForge.

[17-Nov-2002] The user guide will be part of the next release.

[08-Nov-2002] jKiska 0.20 Beta II is out now.

[31-Oct-2002] jKiska 0.20 Beta I is out now.

[30-Oct-2002] A basic user guide can be found in the documentation area.

[24-Sep-2002] Version 0.20 comes closer and closer. The only thing what is still missing is a rewrite of the API documentation and a small user guide...

[29-Jul-2002] Version 0.12 Timur is out now. It contains serialization support for the SortedCollection and the counter classes produced by the CounterFactory. Additionally some bugs related to the SortedCollection were fixed. Please read the changelog. The next step is to prepare 0.20 (documentation, collection listeners, ...). I expect 0.20 in 08.2002.