Package org.xshare.base.counter

Utility classes for simple and flexible element counters.


Interface Summary
BaseCounter Base interface for the DynamicCounter and the StaticCounter, specifing all operations to retrieve information about the results of a counter.
DynamicCounter Configurable counter with a one-2-many relation ship between a counting function and key/value pairs.
StaticCounter Configurable counter with a one-2-one relation between a counting rule and a result key/value pair.

Class Summary
CounterFactory Factory for the standard implementations of DynamicCounter and StaticCounter with additional helper methods for counters.

Exception Summary
CounterException Root exception for all exceptions related to the counters.
ResultTupleAlreadyInstalledException Exception signaling that a key has been already used for a specific StaticCounter to specify a result key/value pair.

Package org.xshare.base.counter Description

Utility classes for simple and flexible element counters. For more information take a look at the userguide.

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