jKiska Base 0.2.1 Release Esche

org.xshare.base Base package with common used exception classes.
org.xshare.base.adapters.method Generic adaptors for various standard primitives and objects to separate the access to a value from its source.
org.xshare.base.collections Additional implementations of the Collection interface.
org.xshare.base.collections.helpers Utility class for operations on elements of collections.
org.xshare.base.counter Utility classes for simple and flexible element counters.
org.xshare.base.iterator Set of specialized Iterator implementations.
org.xshare.base.iterator.helpers Don't use the classes from this package, since they are deprecated and will be removed with version 1.
org.xshare.base.predicate Logical predicates like AND, OR and AND.


jKiska Base 0.2.1 Release Esche [http://jkiska.sourceforge.net]